Saturday, December 25, 2004

No Place Else to Go

So today, for the Jews, it's No Place Else to Go Day as every place was closed--not to mention since it was Shabbat today--and most of the services were cancelled due to the weather.

My family drove across town to the other theatre instead of the one close by to get together with my mom's sister's family. They told us that they were seeing the 1:20 showing of Meet the Fockers. I found out when I called her that they saw the 12:50 instead. Nobody had their cell phones on and all the answering machines were on.

When I called my grandmother, she had no idea what was going on. Turns out that she was "playing the game" and acting very confused.

I called my aunt after she called my mom. This was around 4ish or so today. When I called her, she did not exactly hang up the cell phone. She did not want to get together with us at all today and did not even say it to our faces. One could say I "eavesdropped" on the conversation after her not hanging up the phone. She intentionally lied about their plans while on the phone.

I was looking forward to getting together with them today when everyplace was closed. Now, they will suffer the consequences of their actions. Lying is not right. I don't like being lied to at all.

We made the effort of driving across town to get together. Thursday night, plans were still on schedule. What happened between then and today? I don't know but I would like them to explain.

You might be wondering was to why am I mentioning this on a political blog, right? Family values was a big part of the campaign season and the GOP attacked Democrats for the lack thereof. I might as well mention that they hardly ever go to synagogue for the High Holidays and did not want to celebrate together in the past for the High Holidays--always breaking the fast during lunch time and not staying for the memorial services. I can go on and on--such as WORKING on Rosh HaShanah or Yom Kippur.

Trip to the Movies: $22
Finding out your aunt lied while she doesn't hang up her cell phone: PRICELESS

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