Monday, December 27, 2004

Post-Election Myths

This site claims to be the most in-depth, conservative, honest news, and commetary. Richard Davis makes an attempt to debunk eight post-election myths. You can read the debunking there but I'm going to list the eight he has.

Myth #1. The Great Campaign
Myth #2. We Liberals Almost Won
Myth #3. The New Theocracy
Myth #4. Reds and Blues
Myth #5. The CBS Truth Squad
Myth #6. The Banana Republic
Myth #7. Minorities Matter More
Myth #8. Liberals Are Leaving

Also, for those that missed Crossfire last Friday, you missed something important from the Crossfire Political Alert:
TUCKER CARLSON: The presidential election has come and gone, but let's say you can't get over it, can't accept the outcome. Then is for you. This new Web site divides corporations and the products they make into red and blue. Companies that donated to Democrats and those that donated to the dreaded, evil Republican party.
According to the site, good liberals should shop at Costco, not Wal-Mart or Target, both of which are dreadfully right-wing. Cuervo, Tequila, and Gallo jug wine get the liberal seal of approval. Budweiser and Michelob do not. If you're left and you smoke, you'll be saddened to learn that Camels, Marlboros and just about any other cigarette you'd actually want to light are forbidden. Instead, your options are pretty much confined to--and this will make you want to quit--Eve (ph), the girl cigarettes.
Not all of recommendations make sense. According to the site, liberals should ignore the Bravo channel, which airs "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," and instead watch the Fox News Channel, whose parent company, News Corporation, gives 61 percent of its donations to Democrats. On the other hand, it might just be easier to ignore this Web site entirely and buy some much-needed psychotherapy.
PAUL BEGALA: I think it's great for people to put their money where their values are. Particularly...
CARLSON: Should they watch Fox?
BEGALA: Particularly the Jose Cuervo, that's the kind of therapy -- you know, the tequila therapy...
CARLSON: Should...
BEGALA: At the Jose Cuervo Institute.
CARLSON: Do you watch Fox? News Corp gives most of its ...
BEGALA: I enjoy fiction as much as facts, yes, once in a while.
CARLSON: It's a liberal network! It's a liberal company! I would say you'd be supporting it.
BEGALA: A little variety once in a while.
CARLSON: With your viewing habits.
I make a habit of watching Crossfire daily. The December 24th show each year is one of the best as political impersonator Jim Morris visits annually on that day.

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