Friday, January 21, 2005

Good or Bad?

The good news first comes from New Democrats Online and it deals with a certain Indiana Senator named Evan Bayh:
One of the great anomalies of the Bush administration has been the gap between the president's rhetoric about honoring those fighting for America and its values in dangerous places like Iraq -- and how his policies have actually affected them and their families. This is most apparent in the treatment of the 1.2 million National Guard members and military reservists, our true citizen soldiers...Not only has this practice divided men and women from their families for agonizing periods of time; it has also exposed Guard and Reserve members to collateral hardship such as the loss of jobs and careers, and in some cases, their homes.

It's a former Democratic governor, U.S. Senator Evan Bayh ofIndiana who's carrying the message to Washington. Last week he announced a proposal to "provide $636 million over five years to troops to make up the pay discrepancy between their civilian jobs and their military salaries. He also proposed rewarding companies that already provide supplemental pay for active duty troops with a federal tax credit.
Now, on to what may be the bad news...I don't know what to think of this. Through the Swing State Project, I learned that Max Palmer has done what I call the unthinkable:
Inspired by your post "Post-Modern Political Warfare", I registered several domain names tonight of Republic senators up for relections:,,,,,,, - I also registered, b/c I am worried about both races and did not want anyone opposing them to get it.[...]

I consider the $90 I spent registering these sites to be a part of my donations to the democratic party and its candidates.
I, honestly, don't know if we are stooping down their level after what the Mitt Romney supporters did to Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly with the domain names.

Have a good weekend. The University of Kentucky plays Louisiana State University at 1:30 PM tomorrow on CBS.

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