Sunday, January 30, 2005

They Said it, Not Me

I am writing an argumentative essay on why Johnny Carson is the best host of all time in late night comedy.

It's good to see Congressman Ben Chandler in agreement with me on this. James Carroll's Notes from Washington:
Inauguration objection
While Democrat Chandler was praised by his GOP colleagues for giving them extra tickets for the Bush inauguration on Jan. 20, the congressman was upset over the cost and scale of the celebration.

"We are in the middle of a war, and we have the largest deficit in the history of this country," Chandler said in an interview last week. "I think it sends the wrong signal to do all this partying."
Also, in the notes is a recap from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:
On Comedy Central
Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, had a little fun last week at McConnell's expense, and at the expense of the new secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice.

Stewart reported on the Senate debate over Rice's confirmation, saying, "Republicans like Kentucky's Mitch McConnell were quick to defend Rice with trivia."

On came a clip from McConnell's remarks on the Senate floor: "Her parents aptly named her Condoleezza, after the Italian musical term 'con colcezza,' which is a direction to play 'with sweetness.'"

Stewart picked up from there: "Her last name is a starchy side dish, often served with beans. I vote yes."

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