Saturday, January 08, 2005

Some Sad news....

I'll start with Crossfire first, as according to IMDB, Tucker was dropped after filling in for Aaron Brown.
CNN President Jonathan Klein made his decision to dump Crossfire's Tucker Carlson after watching him substitute for Aaron Brown on Brown's news hour last week, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Friday). Klein told the newspaper: "What was unmistakable was that he was more turned on by the live debate and discussion and head-butting than the storytelling aspect of the show he anchored. That told me volumes." It also presumably dissuaded Klein from making him an offer that would keep Carlson from moving to MSNBC, where he is expected to replace Deborah Norville in the 9:00 hour.
To the even sadder news, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and his wife, Court TV anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, are seeking a divorce. My only commentary on this is I always find it sad when families split into two as it's always painful on the kids. I wouldn't know, of course, as I am the product of two very loving parents. I still say that to preserve marriage, we need to ban the no-fault divorce. Since the GOP wants to preserve marriage that badly, I think it's a wise idea. This might be the case as to why:
They attributed their decision to the strain of their demanding careers and maintaining a bicoastal marriage, with Newsom busy with his mayoral duties and his wife pursuing her career in New York City, where she moved last year.
Now, why did they not agree to settle down before his running for mayor. At least he's not cheating--that would be really bad. (His uncle is Ed Asner of Second City fame--and other shows and movies too).

I'm on my way to St. Louis within the hour so here's one more post for you to read. I don't like posting on Shabbas but I will be offline til tomorrow afternoon.

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