Monday, March 24, 2008

Back into the political mode...

Sen. Hillary Clinton released a plan that would give a second stimulus package given the housing crisis.

Turning our attention to Michigan now. What is Barack Obama afraid of?
During her first campaign visit to Indiana, Hillary Clinton called on Barack Obama to support a re-vote in Michigan saying, “It is critical that we figure out a way for the people of Michigan and Florida to have their votes and their voices count.”

“I do not understand what Senator Obama is afraid of, but it is going to hurt our party and our chances in November. So I would call on him, once again, to join me in giving the people of Florida and Michigan the chance to be counted as we move forward in this nominating process,” added Clinton.[...]

“For the life of me, I don’t understand why Senator Obama seems to be afraid of letting there be a re-vote in Michigan, you’ll have to ask him. He comes up with all these legalistic answers, the people of Michigan and their legislature made it very clear that they would proceed with a re-vote, unfortunately, Senator Obama’s campaign said no. Two out of the three of us said yes, you’ll have to ask him what he’s afraid of?”
America Ferrara supports Sen. Clinton:
I grew up in a big family – one brother and four sisters – so my house was always a little bit chaotic. Everyone was always trying to talk over everyone else. I think it’s probably a little like that in households all across America. But every voice represents someone with unique needs, hopes, and concerns.

That’s one of the reasons I’m supporting Hillary, because I know that she’s listening to every single American, and working her hardest on all those issues that truly make a difference in their lives.
Ouch. Just because I do not support your candidate of choice does not make me a Republican. This is why many Clinton supporters have gotten turned off of Obama. To call me a DINO, wow, I am completely disgusted.

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