Monday, March 10, 2008

Gillispie understands Kentucky

Billy Gillispie, welcome to Kentucky:
After video tributes and a taped message by Randolph Morris, who left last season for the NBA, Rajon Rondo came out and presented framed jerseys to Ramel Bradley and Joe Crawford. Rondo, who left two years ago, plays for the Boston Celtics, who were in Memphis Saturday night.

But the biggest shock might've come from Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie, who was tearing up during the ceremony.

During the singing of "My Old Kentucky Home," an emotional Gillispie was shown on the video boards, which elicited small applause.

"It was emotional because this was the last time these guys will be able to play on their home court. I love tough people that don't care what happens but find ways to make things work," Gillispie said. "They are great leaders and two of the toughest guys I've ever been around. Seeing this team next year without No. 3 and No. 32 will be a sad day for me."
If that doesn't describe the feeling of Kentucky fans, I don't know what does

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