Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tucker cancelled, retains MSNBC job

It goes without saying that Tucker Carlson is one of the few conservative pundits, if that's what one calls him, that I am tolerable of.

MSNBC Cancels Tucker Carlson Show

MSNBC said this afternoon that it was canceling “Tucker,” the low-rated, early evening program led by Tucker Carlson, and replacing it with a new, politically oriented program featuring David Gregory, chief White House correspondent of NBC News.

Mr. Gregory, whose program will be shown weeknights beginning at 6 p.m., will continue to cover the White House for NBC News, the parent of MSNBC, the cable channel said. Mr. Carlson will also remain with MSNBC, as a campaign correspondent who will cover the presidential race from Washington and the road.
So here's what we're looking at on MSNBC:
David Gregory will anchor Race for the White House from 6-7 PM. No clue as to what the show will be named after the election is over in November.

Andrea Mitchell will anchor an MSNBC news show from 1-2 PM. It's MSNBC, what were you expecting, a sitcom?

Countdown with Keith Olbermann will air a new episode at 8 PM with encores coming at 10 PM and 2 AM, for a total of three airings a day.

On March 17th, Live with Dan Abrams will be renamed as Verdict with Dan Abrams, airing at 9 PM.

Doc Block moves to 11 PM to midnight on weeknights.

As for Tucker? He's being kept on as a Senior Campaign Correspondent and I would expect that he will appear on news shows throughout the day.

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