Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breaking News: Spring ends strike with Four Seasons, Winter to end in 8 days

In what was a surprising agreement this morning, Spring came to an agreement with the Board of Directors of the Four Seasons, and has come to an agreement to get back to work in eight days on March 20th.

Patric Verrone, representing Spring-West, and Michael Winship, representing Spring-East, announced the agreement this morning alongside Nick Counter, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Four Seasons.

The key issues of the agreement were that Spring would fully cooperate with the start of the 2008 Major League Baseball season after a few games in Cleveland were snowed out and a series had to be moved to Milwaukee until the snow melted.

Another major issue that the representatives for spring said had to be done was the acknowledgement of global warming. This was a holdout for some members of the board, including Jim Gooch, a Democratic member of the Kentucky General Assembly, disowned by several members of his party and yet he still has his spot as Chair of the House Standing Committee on Natural Resources and Environment.

While spring was on strike, winter decided to have some fun and stayed around a bit longer than people expected. This past weekend, it dumped about a foot of snow in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and up to two feet in Ohio.

Asked if the groundhog seeing his shadow had anything to do with it, Verrone commented, "No, not at all...okay, maybe a little."

"Spring will be back on March 20, 2008," announced Verrone and Township.

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