Sunday, March 09, 2008

DNC hates Michigan and Florida

Yep, I'd like to congratulate the GOP right now with John McCain's eventual election. It's clear. The DNC has shot themself in the foot by telling Michigan that even if they do a revote, they will have to find their own hotel rooms.
According to our colleague Christopher Reynolds over at The Times' travel blog, the committee has canceled the hotel accommodations for the 177-member Michigan delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Denver in late August. Just try finding that many rooms at the last minute during a political convention.

And the DNC never even made any reservations for Florida's defiant delegation.

Both states have been outlawed because they naughtily scheduled their primaries before Feb. 5 in violation of party rules. Since Hillary Clinton has claimed victory in both places anyway, surprisingly, she'd like to count them in her total. Equally surprisingly, since Barack Obama's name wasn't even on the Michigan ballot, he'd rather not count the Clinton votes.
Here's additional information.
Democratic National Convention Committee spokeswoman Natalie Wyeth said the committee, which controls hotel assignments for all the state delegations, in November billeted the 177-member Michigan delegation (that’s delegates and alternates) at a Red Lion in central Denver. But since then, Wyeth said, the committee has scratched that booking, because party leaders have found the Michiganders “in noncompliance” with the Democrats’ primary rules.

“They are no longer included,” said Wyeth.

The 210-member Florida delegation, which was already feeling the Democrats’ scorn in November, never got assigned a hotel. As far as the Democratic National Committee is concerned, they’re still homeless.
In case you were wondering, Kentucky and Maine will be housed at the Hilton Garden Inn, Downtown. Here's the description on guest rooms where people will be resting when there is not a fight on the floor. Don't worry, there is a business'll still be able to give us updates via the blogs. And you have things to do so that you can keep your mind off of the floor fight.

At least the GOP only stripped half the delegates. They did the smart thing. Howard Dean, don't disenfranchise Florida or Michigan. You will truly regret it.

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