Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Clinton speech in Harrisburg

Here are excerpts from Sen. Clinton's speech at the "Solutions for America" rally in Harrisburg, PA:
“It is now up to the voters here. You have a choice to make. I believe that choice comes down to who offers solutions we need for the problems we face in America. There are real differences.

Today my opponent is here in Pennsylvania talking about energy policy and I think specifically talking about wind energy and that’s great. Except in 2005, when we had a chance to say no to Dick Cheney and his Energy Bill, my opponent said yes and voted for it with all of those tax subsidies and give-aways that have been used by the oil companies and others to retard the development of clean, renewable energy. Really, when you think about what we have to do, it’s not going to happen just by asking people. It’s not going to happen just by saying, “Don’t we all agree?” We’re going to have to fight to make the changes against the special interests that dominate Washington. When it counted, I said no, he said yes.

In Ohio we just finished a campaign talking about NAFTA and trade. I have said I will renegotiate NAFTA. I will make sure it reflects what we have learned over the last fourteen years. My opponent said one thing in Ohio and then his top economic advisor told the Canadian government, “Don’t worry, what he says. That’s just politics.”

The same things happened about Iraq. I’ve been saying that I will start to withdraw our troops within sixty days. My opponent has said he will have them all out within sixteen months. And then one of his top foreign policy advisors tells the foreign press, “Well, don’t pay any attention to that. That’s just talk during a campaign.”

I’ve got to tell you, there’s a big difference between talk and action. But if you’re going to talk, then you ought to mean what you say so people can count on it.”

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