Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bonus Schmuck of the Week: David Williams

David Williams (R-Burkesville, anti-horse industry, state lottery, and well, anything that would move this state forward) is dead to me! That's right, he's being skipped over being on notice.

The Senator from Burkesville might as well file legislation to exile Churchill Downs because he doesn't care what the people want! The people voted to have a say on what happens with expanded gaming by voting for Steve Beshear. And if this schmuck Williams wants to get in the way and say, it isn't going to happen, then I say give Williams a vote of no confidence!
Asked if he can envision any scenario in which the Republican-led Senate would approve the measure, Williams, R-Burkesville, said, “If the Rapture came and there were enough of them left here, it might, but short of that I don’t see it happening.”[...]

“To amend this bill would be like putting lipstick on a corpse,” he said. “ And this corpse is going to be cremated. It’s not going to be embalmed. Because we don’t want it hanging around.”

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