Monday, March 24, 2008

Neil Aspinall gravely ill dies, reports of new Beatles song

New York Daily News:
Sir Paul McCartney has flown to New York to be at the hospital bedside of the man known as "the Fifth Beatle," Britain's Daily Mail reported Sunday.

Neil Aspinall, 65, was the Beatles' business advisor and chief confidante for more than 40 years. He was also a close pal who took part in some of their notorious pranks, and even sang backup vocals on their hit "Yellow Submarine."

Aspinall is believed to be suffering from lung cancer and is in treatment at Manhattan's prestigious Sloan-Kettering.

A family friend told the Daily Mail of McCartney's recent visit. "I understand that Paul saw him in hospital in New York," the friend said. "Paul will be devastated if he doesn't beat this. They have been mates ever since they were schoolboys in Liverpool."

The friend said Aspinall used to smoke, but quit years ago.

Aspinall became friends with McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon while attending school in Liverpool. The bespectacled accountant was a constant companion of the Beatles as their popularity skyrocketed.

In 1968 he began managing the band's business interests as the head of Apple Corps, a company set up for that purpose.

McCartney has lost several loved ones to cancer, including his first wife Linda to breast cacer in 1998, and bandmate Harrison to lung cancer in 2001.
Here is an update in that it is been reported that Neil Aspinall has passed away at the age of 66. May he rest in peace.

This comes from blog commenter Don Happy. I've heard reports of a new song for some time now. Take this for what it's worth:
You better keep reporting on this. There is more to this than you may have ever thought. The song is done by the way. I personally believe there are two songs. But I know for a fact the Now And Then is ready to go.There are some tracks from the sixties as well that have not been released. One is an experimental track called Carnival of Light Where lennon shouts Barcelona to a pastiche of Mccartney sound collages-there is another Harrison song done during the white album called Sour Milk Sea--There are others there is a great Lennon demo from 63 called Bad To Me. there are others but those are three of the good ones. There is a demo Of Mccartney doing WOMAN the song he gave Peter and Gordon in 66. There is a pretty good Beatle performance of Georges All Things Must pass--there are more. But Now And Then is number one by a mile--keep pushing its there believe me. Stay on top of this help get it out with public awareness--and there is more than I mentioned--but those are some of the highlights--there are also a few live impromptu cuts of George,Paul & Ringo-from the legendary Henley on Thames jam circa 95 when the "Threetles" played at Georges for the Anthology documentary footage--some of the footage is in the film--where they do Blue Moon of Kentucky--but there's quite a bit more live recordings from that day. Stay on top of it help get it released through public awareness. This is not a joke.What I told you is the real deal. Lets see what kind of Journalism you are capable of.nobody on the planet has the story soo why don't you get it.

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