Sunday, March 30, 2008

This answers THAT question

Herald Leader:
The ad has been shown often during the NCAA basketball tournament -- fans from rivals schools get along, just because they are staying at a Sheraton hotel.

Fans from Duke and North Carolina share an umbrella, an Ohio State fan picks up a bag for a Michigan fan. And fans from the University of Louisville and Memphis share a computer screen.

What? The last two teams haven't played each other since 2005 when Louisville left Conference USA for the Big East.

The ad perplexed some University of Kentucky fans. How could an in-state rival and former home of Cards coach Rick Pitino be overlooked?

It turns out UK wasn't.

"They came to us first," UK assistant athletic director Jason Schlafer said of the Sheraton.

But UK passed because it had no prior relationship with the hotel.
I had wondered why it was Memphis and Louisville as opposed to Kentucky and Louisville.

And a USC and UCLA fan share an elevator ride.

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