Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clinton outlines retirement plan

SEn. Hillary Clinton has outlined her retirement plan.
At a town hall in Greensburg, Hillary Clinton outlined her plan to help families in Pennsylvania have a secure retirement. Her proposals would help families save, strengthen defined benefit pensions, and strengthen Social Security and Medicare for future generations. Through her American Retirement Accounts Plan, Clinton would offer 3.4 million Pennsylvania families up to $1,000 in a matching tax cut to save. In addition, Clinton said she would shore up employer-sponsored pensions pledged to protect Social Security from Bush-McCain privatization efforts.

"When I’m President, privatizing Social Security will be completely out of the question. That's a big difference between Senator McCain and me. Senator McCain said something stunning the other day – he pledged to continue President Bush’s attempt to privatize Social Security," said Clinton. "He's already promised to continue George Bush's failed Iraq policy and to make permanent his tax breaks for the wealthy few. Now, he's taking up President Bush's assault on Social Security. In a nutshell, that’s John McCain's plan for America: four years more of the same. You don't need to look any further than Bear Stearns and Wall Street lately to know that our workers and seniors simply can’t afford the Bush-McCain privatization gamble."
Rasmussen has new polling results out. It looks great for the Senator.
Clinton is currently viewed favorably by 74% of Democrats nationwide, Obama by 67%. By way of comparison, McCain is viewed favorably by 83% of Republicans.
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Obama got fact-checked hard!

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