Saturday, January 15, 2005

And Ashlee wonders why she is hated?

As you might know by now, I used to be an Ashlee Simpson fan but now I am frequently showing my anger at her for bad performances. I have all rights to. She's a bad singer. The latest from Yahoo News!
Simpson again tried to spin--if not hoedown--her way out of a national embarrassment this week by telling MTV the many reasons why she believes she was the subject of a hugely negative reaction among the football faithful watching USC and Okalahoma during the Jan. 3 BCS Championship Game.

The raven-haired popster, who blamed last year's Saturday Night Live lip-synching debacle on (a) her drummer and (b) a bad case of acid reflux, came up with a whole bunch of explanations for the booing this time out, and none had to do with her shrieking, voice-cracking performance.

"There were no ear monitors when we went on stage," Jessica's little sis told

"And trying to sing in a stadium where you can't hear yourself is kinda hard," the 21-year old added.

In the end, though, she did manage to soldier through a live rendition of "La La," a tune off her debut disc Autobiography. But if a bad sound system is at fault for her closing boos, what explains the jeers at the start of her performance?

"I was facing the Oklahoma Sooners [which had a bigger crowd on hand], and I was rooting for USC, and they played a clip of it, so maybe it was that those people didn't like me," she postulated.

The singer even offered up a strange sort of apology. "Maybe they were booing at me, maybe they were booing at the halftime show because the whole thing sucked. If they didn't like the performance, and that's what it was about, then sorry to them."

But apologies are simply not enough for some music fans, who recently started circulating an online petition demanding that Simpson quit her music career posthaste.

"We, the undersigned, are disgusted with Ashlee Simpson's horrible singing and hereby ask her to stop. Stop recording, touring, modeling and performing. We do not wish to see her again," the Stop Ashlee Simpson petition reads. "She cannot match the sound of her voice that can be found on her CDs, when she sings live. She simply yells the words (sometimes the wrong ones) into the mic." So far, more than 14,000 people have endorsed the sentiment.

Last year, an organization called H.O.P.E offered a Ashlee Simpson CD swap, in which former Simpson fans in New York could exchange their Simpson discs for a CD of what the group calls "one of higher entertainment quality."

Simpson can only hope crowds for her upcoming tour will be more sympathetic--the jaunt kicks off Feb. 18 at Los Angeles' Universal Amphitheater.
Performances in the Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio region include:
3/9/2005 Cincinnati, OH / Taft Theatre
3/10/2005 Louisville, KY / Louisville Palace, 625 S. Fourth Street
3/12/2005 Columbus, OH / Palace Theater
3/22/2005 Cleveland, OH / Playhouse Sqr. Center
4/12/2005 Indianapolis, IN / Murat Centre

If you wish to know where she is when, just click on her website. In all honesty, Jonathan Miller is a better singer! I can't comment if he is a better singer than me though.

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