Thursday, December 15, 2005

Almost finished

Two more finals today and I will be off-campus and back in the Ville by dinner time!

We do have at least one candidate announced in the KY-3 race. I certainly don't plan to go negative on the blog against Ret. Col. Andrew Horne but I also don't know that much about him as to where he stands on the issues I care about. Whether this affects Dan Borsch's decision, I don't know. Judging from comments I have seen on this blog, I have a very good feeling that we will be seeing a primary. Judging from the Courier-Journal article this morning, I believe that there will be a primary.
political novice, Horne said he changed his registration recently from independent to Democrat. He said he plans to formally announce his candidacy next month.

Horne may have competitors in the party's primary.

Dan Borsch, president of the Louisville-Jefferson County Young Democrats, has said he is considering the race. He could not be reached yesterday.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney David Hale, in private practice in Louisville, said he is considering a challenge to Northup.

"I can confirm I have been asked by several Democratic leaders in Kentucky and in Washington to consider this race, and that's what I'm doing," Hale said. "I will make a decision relatively quickly, and I will make the decision irrespective of any other candidate's decisions."[...]

Like the state party, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee won't endorse if there is a primary. But spokeswoman Adrienne Elrod said: "Anne Northup is a rubber stamp for (former Republican Majority Leader) Tom DeLay (R-Texas) and his party's failed policies. And she will have a strong challenge this cycle."
Governor Bert Combs has a statue made for him.
Bowen said the statue probably will be placed at a visitors center at the Slade interchange on the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway near Stanton, or in Stanton near the parkway's interchange with Ky. 213.
Mitt Romney will not run for re-election. I guess polling showed that he's going to lose. Tom Reilly should be safely elected now.

Steve Pence's chief of staff had their computer taken away to be searched.

George Pataki thinks the DNC is wrong to change the primary calendar.

I am concerned. The job of the DNC Chairman is to raise money and organize the grassroots. Not crafting the agenda. Unlike some, I will not call for him to step down.
Doug Schoen, also a pollster, who worked for President Clinton and now works for Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), added: "I don’t think it helps the Democrats to have a party chairman who is involved in controversy. There’s so much work to be done organizationally, so much work to be done in terms of fundraising, that I think he would serve the Democratic Party best by focusing on the grass roots."
The Southeast Missourian takes a look at the St. Louis Cardinals and business activities.

Tom Daschle, the former Senator majority/minority leader, is keeping his options open for a future presidential run.

I still support Senator Lieberman.

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