Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Imagine there's no heaven

Two more days til December 8th. What are your plans for that day? It's been 25 years. I'll have something up around midnight that morning.

I spoke with a source yesterday close to Sen. Lieberman and this person doesn't see Sen. Lieberman moving to the executive branch as the GOP probably would not let it happen at all.

The CBS Daily Show with Jon Stewart? Hey, it could happen! That's what Forbes published recently.
Still, one can only wonder what it might sound like when 6:30 P.M. rolls around on the East Coast and the booth announcer solemn intones, "This is The CBS Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Say, did you hear the one about..."
St. Louis picked up Gary Bennett and Deivi Cruz from the Nationals.

Adam and Jackie Sandler are expecting.

Did the Beatles plan to reunite prior before 1980? News has just come out in the recent days that the answer was yes.
A record contract has surfaced which apparently shows that Paul McCartney planned to reunite The Beatles only one year before John Lennon was killed.

The 1979 CBS record deal details that Macca believed he could once again reform the supergroup with John, Ringo and George.

It's reported that the contract was worth around £6million.

The papers are believed to have emerged at the exact time of the 25th anniversary of John Lennon’s death.
Give your boss some bad news and I hear that they let you go. That's the case with Pam Ritter, the former head of LINK.
That was the message I was getting out to everyone, everybody," Ritter, a former Louisville resident, told prosecutors in a June 22 interview. "I'm not going to see you on the front page of the paper. This is a liability to the Governor and you're not going to do it anymore."

Ritter served from January to August as acting director of Local Initiatives for a New Kentucky, or LINK, which prosecutors have called part of a "corrupt political machine."

LINK was Fletcher's network of regional constituent outreach offices. The offices still exist but the name LINK has been dropped.

Ritter told prosecutors that the governor seemed surprised and his wife "looked at me shocked, like, 'Well, what do you mean personnel business?' and I didn't elaborate."

She said Cave told her, "I'm glad you did that."

Fletcher spokesman Brett Hall said neither Ritter nor anyone else told the governor of any illegal hiring role assumed by LINK.

"Pam Ritter said what she said, but that did not occur," Hall said.

Hall said the court filing "has no relevance with anything. It's just an attempt to keep this investigation alive by artificial means."

Cave could not be reached yesterday for comment.

A transcript of Ritter's interview was attached to an affidavit filed by the attorney general's office yesterday in support of a warrant to search the computers of Eddie Spraggs, the LINK representative in Gilbertsville. According to the records, Franklin Circuit Court approved the search Wednesday.

In the interview with prosecutors, Ritter said that after she stopped the agency's patronage work, she was told in April it was unlikely she would be retained.

Asked by prosecutors if her job had reached the point where she would just "sit there" and "do nothing," Ritter said, "uh-huh."

Ritter said her salary was $65,000 a year.
HRC has two opponents.
Jonathan Tasini, who headed the National Writers Union for 13 years, will launch his campaign today with a rally at the W Hotel in Union Square.

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