Saturday, December 10, 2005

Kentucky vs. Indiana

Kentucky takes on the Indiana Hoosiers coached by Mike Davis in the RCA Dome. Davis has lost every game he has coached against Kentucky since he took over for former coach Bob Knight. The Wildcats, dropping out of the Top 10 are ranked 15th while the Hoosiers are 18th. Tubby is 7-1 in his career against the Hoosiers while Davis is 0-5 against the Cats.

The Cats are 6-2 and the Hoosiers are 4-2. CBS is televising the game with Tim Brando and Clark Kellogg commentating. Tom Eades of Kentucky is a referee.

Starting for the Wildcats today are:
C- Shagari Alleyne
F - Rekalin Sims
G - Ravi Moss
G - Patrick Sparks
G - Rajon Rondo

First Half:
15:55 (TV Timeout) Kentucky 6, Indiana 8
This is pathetic performance by the Wildcats. Maybe they will turn it around following Rajon Rondo's basket. Tubby will sure be screaming at the half. After the UNC game last week, it's pathetic.
11:06 (TV Timeout) Kentucky 10, Indiana 16
We are only shooting 38% with a bit over 9 to go in the half. Kentucky just turned the ball over on a foul. I'm saddened by our performance. Now Indiana turns it over. Patrick, where was that throw to?!?
7:45 (TV Timeout) Kentucky 12, Indiana 25
I expect better. This is pathetic. The Wildcats should not be losing to the Hoosiers of all teams. Alright, Patrick! If you can't make the three point attempts, go straight for the basket! Down 29-16. This is not good. We are coming back but letting them make more shots. Rondo is called for a foul. Sparks is 2/3 with 6 points and Rondo is 1/5 with only 2 points. Rondo needs to start penetrating.
3:48 (TV Timeout) Kentucky 16, Indiana 30
We need Kelenna Azubuike and Randolph Morris. Crawford has 17 or so of our 19 current points. Down 11. Charge! Moss slips on the floor and turns the ball over for the Cats' 9th time. Darn it. Miserable performance. The Hoosiers have scored 13 times off our turnovers and we can't even catch up. Tenth turnover. Two minutes to go in the first half and we are down by 12. Moss picks up a foul.
Breaking: Former Senator and 1968 presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy has died at 89 years old. I thought he was already dead since he was not recognized at the convention last year as a former presidential candidate. Also, Richard Pryor has died too. May they both rest in peace.
:44.2 (Indiana Timeout) Kentucky 19, Indiana 35
HALFTIME: Kentucky 19, Indiana 35
Pathetic. Tubby, please scream during the halftime! Next Saturday at 2 PM, the whole state will stop in order to watch Kentucky battle Louisville on CBS. CBS News just broke in around 4:48 PM or so about Pryor and McCarthy.

Second Half:
Tubby better have screamed his heart out. We should not be losing to the Indiana Hoosiers. We made 0 out of 12 attempts from outside. Bobby Perry sneaks a shot through. Rondo! Shagari picks up his 4th foul?!? Orbzut picks up a foul as well.
15:33 (TV Timeout) Kentucky 23, Indiana 37
With 15 minutes to play, the Cats need to make a major comeback. Hoosiers turn the ball over to the Cats. Oy vey! The Cats have yet to make a three pointer. We have gone 583 consecutive games with making a three. That streak will not end. Get with the picture, guys! Rondo to Bradley! We needed Ramel to make the 3! Kentucky is shooting 20% in the 2nd half while the Hoosiers have 11%. Gosh! They didn't foul.
11:36 (TV Timeout) Kentucky 25, Indiana 37
The Cats have played strong defense but we need to shoot more! Down 39-27 for a 12 point deficit. Gosh! How did we let him get a 3?!? Turnover! Not good. Another bad defensive move. This is poor play for the Wildcats
9:48 (UK Timeout) Kentucky 27, Indiana 46
Please start acting like the Wildcats we know! This will be embarrassing for the Wilcats in preparation for next week. Sheray Thomas got poked. Darn it, that was almost a good play. Walk. Pathetic. Horrible defense. Down by 20 points. 49-29. Less than 8 to go.
7:28 (TV Timeout) Kentucky 29, Indiana 49
Will the Wildcats please show up. Eighteen attempts for the three. No basket made.
7:18 (Indiana Timeout) Kentucky 29, Indiana 49
17 Turnovers. Pathetic.
5:28 (Indiana Timeout) Kentucky 36, Indiana 51
Rondo took a hard beating and Lewis Monroe fouls out. Down by 15 with a bit over 4 minutes to go. Moss almost got the ball. Darn it, where was the defense? He didn't get fouled! That was a charge!
3:46 (TV Timeout) Kentucky 42, Indiana 57
We have to make the outside shots! 583 games. That strreak cannot end. Brandon Stockton with the 3. Thank you, Brandon Stockton! The streak is alive and the Hoosiers turn the ball over. Rondo goes for the lay-up and is fouled. Down by 12 after the Rondo free throws. Davis and IU take a timeout before they turned it over again.
3:11 (Indiana Timeout) Kentucky 47, Indiana 59
IU has 1 left. UK has 3 left. UK has 10 team fouls. IU has 9 team fouls. Perry picked the foul. Time has stopped at 3:03 left to go in the game. He's getting up barely but Strickland should be fouled for that. Ravi is up and slowly walking to the bench. Where were the Cats when we needed someone to get the rebound? Rondo got fouled before the shot. Two minutes to go and we are down 64-49.
1:56 (Kentucky Timeout) Kentucky 52, Indiana 65
Sparks picks up a foul. Rondo turns the ball over. Did I mention our performance is pathetic yet? Crawford on the floor ever so briefly. Down 71-52. Rondo and 2.
FINAL SCORE: Kentucky 53, Indiana 79


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