Friday, December 09, 2005

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

Yes, Kentuckiana had its first major snow storm of the winter. As expected, JCPS is open. Look here for the Cincinnati area.

Randolph Morris must sit out this season. He will still have two years of eligibility but I hope the guy has learned his lesson.

Ernie Fletcher will not ask for higher taxes on cigarettes. I wonder why. Is he afraid of the GOP backlash?

Actor Kirk Douglas is 89 years old today. We wish him a happy birthday.

In Louisville news, Wayne Perkey will officially retire to Florida today. We wish him the best in retirement.

An update on the St. Louis Cardinals' activityies during the winter meetings. They picked up pitcher Juan Mateo from the Cubs during the Eule 5 draft.

The writer of this article written in the East Valley Tribune asks the "What if" question. This is a really sad article and it made some tears fall from my eyes. But it is a good read if you are up to it.

A former Providence City Clerk was caught embezzling. The Henderson Gleaner has more.

Congressman Bob Menendez is likely to join the United States Senate.

Paul McCartney, or Macca to the fans, speaks about his late bandmate, John Lennon.

I admire and respect any baseball player that signs for less than what they feel they are worth. Look at Cardinal GM Walt Jocketty's comment from yesterday.
Jocketty said at this week's winter meetings that he hoped Morris might extend a "home team discount" to the Cardinals. He reiterated the stance Thursday, saying, "I hope Matt would sign for less here than somewhere else. He may not. But we'd like to have him back."
I'd like to have Matt Morris back as well and I hope he stays a Cardinal.

The band U2 played a tribute to John Lennon the other night in Connecticut.
U2 paid tribute to John Lennon by covering his Beatles classic 'Norwegian Wood' last night.

The band marked today's (December 8) 25th anniversary of his killing by performing one of his most loved songs at the Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

The group also played Lennon solo track 'Instant Karma!' in the encore, though this has been a regular in their set since they performed it with Patti Smith at New York's Madison Square Garden on November 21.

Bono also sang a snippet of The Beatles' 'Help!,' also written by Lennon, during set closer 'One.'
I am editing a Radio-TV project this afternoon and will be light on posting.

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