Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Latest wake-up this year?

This may have been the latest I woke up on a weekday. I woke up this morning and read David Hawpe's article first for nor particular reason. I usually start out with Tom Dorsey and then the Buzz. Here are some excerpts from Hawpe's article with comments from me in italics.
Local Democrats must be desperate. A news story said that Dan Borsch, the 20-something president of Louisville-Jefferson County Young Democrats, was being encouraged to make a run by Daniel Solzman, publisher of a Democratic blog. What's next, Rex the Wonder Donkey, because of his impressive appearances at petting zoos? (David - Dan is only 29 and a proven leader within the Democratic Party. What does Rex the Wonder Donkey have to do with any thing?)[...]

"My position as party chairman is that we don't have to run a candidate in every congressional district," declares Lundergan. "That's why I have said from the beginning that we have to crawl before we start running." (I usually refrain from criticizing party leadership but Mr. Chairman, Hal Rogers aside, how the heck do we take back Congress when 70 someone Congress members will be going unopposed. Shame on you. I've always thought that we should run people in each and every race. People want change. Look at the polls.)[...]

But rumors have circulated about interesting possibilities, such as John Yarmuth, former LEO publisher and sometime TV commentator. Or former federal prosecutor David Hale. Or former Jefferson County commonwealth's attorney Marc Murphy, now a high-powered litigator. Or a telegenic retired colonel, now attorney, named Andrew Horne, who served in Iraq but opposes Bush administration war and social policies, and who made the rounds in Washington yesterday. (Marc Murphy is not interested. That's been blogged at the Bridge and here.)
It's all relative in the district, and no, I'm not speaking of a sitcom.

Movies are all about chemistry. There is no greater team, in my opinion, than the late Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

I'm not surprised. But isn't usually the governors that do this and not the Senators?
Feeling bullish after last year’s Carroll College Fighting Saints championship victory over Indiana’s St. Francis Cougars, Montana Senator Max Baucus today challenged Senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) to a "double or nothing bet" over this weekend’s much-anticipated NAIA championship game between the Saints and Cougars in Tennessee.

Last year Baucus and Bayh wagered Helena-brewed beer against Indiana home-grown popcorn. The Carroll College Saints powered through and beat the St. Francis Cougars 15-13 and won the NAIA national championship title for a third-straight time. Baucus agreed to let Bayh go double or nothing on Saturday’s game because he’s confident the Saints will make history on Saturday n winning four straight championship titles.

"I have every confidence that the Carroll College Saints will be victorious again this year n the Cougars aren’t going to know what hit `em," Baucus said. "Senator Bayh is going to be paying up for a second year in a row n I have no doubt about that."

The two teams will return to Savannah, Tenn. for the rematch as part of the NAIA national championship game Saturday. Baucus, a Helena native, said he will attend the rematch if his Senate schedule permits.
Should reservists have pay protection? Senator Evan Bayh believes so. Congressman Tom Lantos, a Holocaust survivor, is sponsoring legislation in the House.

David Sirota has finished authoring Hostile Takeover. It seems like every blogger is writing a book. Should I get into that? I'll pass for now.

Coldplay's newest single, "Talk," will be released on the 19th in several forms. The CD version will have "Sleeping Sun" as the B-side. The DVD single includes the "Talk" music video and Coldplay's version of "Gravity."

That's all for now. Rumor has it that Retired Col. Andrew Horne is in the race. I'll have to double check that on the news since it's the first I heard of it.

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