Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Chris Carpenter honored in New Hampshire

Chris Carpenter was honored by his native state of New Hampshire. That got my mind off of some traitor who will not be mentioned. Not only was it Chris Carpenter Day at Trinity High School where he went to school but Gov. John Lynch declared the day to be Chris Carpenter Day in New Hampshire as a reader tells me:
Today, Gov. Lynch proclaimed "Chris Carpenter Day" during a brief ceremony honoring the Cy Young winner. The announcement came at the start of this morning's meeting of the Governor and Council at the State House in Concord.

Carpenter also received honors from the state senate and from the Board of Selectmen (sort of a town council) from his boyhood home town of Raymond, NH.
The United States Senate has condemned the Iranian president's remarks.
The Senate passed the measure by unanimous consent last Friday, condemning Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent calls for the destruction of Israel and his denial of the Holocaust.

But Democrats required two other statements — seeking self-determination by the people of Iran and seeking a national referendum there — to be withdrawn.
Secretary of State Condi Rice says hat speculation of an attack on Iran is not helpful. In my defense, I never said we should attack them but I asked what we should do about them. When I said we, I mean America.
"I think the speculation is not really very helpful," Condoleezza Rice told the Associated Press last Friday. "Israel is, of course, a sovereign state and we’re not in the habit of telling the Israelis how to defend themselves. However, we’ve said to everybody that this region is very volatile and it’s best — and I think the Israelis have said this, too; Prime Minister Sharon has said this — it is best to resolve this issue through diplomatic means, and that’s where we’re all focused."

The international community is pressing Iran to roll back its nuclear program. Israel fears Iran’s road to a nuclear weapon could be irreversible as early as March.
Once again, someone is predicting that Jon Stewart will take over for CBS Evening News.

In a surprising move, the Manchester City Democrats have invited Rev. Al Sharpton to keynote the first annual Lionel Washington Johnson Dinner on Thursday, January 12th. Perhaps Al Sharpton will run for president again? Let's hope, if he does, that he files the proper paperwork this time after the fiasco from 2004.

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