Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Power to the People

I've been listening to the Beatles since Monday.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has an update on Cardinals' pitcher Matt Morris. From what I read, it's not very promising.
Spurned by Burnett, the Cardinals now are unlikely to deal Jason Marquis in return for a corner outfielder. However, they could respond to teams' demands for pitching with prospect Adam Wainwright, whom Jocketty has mentioned as a candidate for the bullpen but is valued more as a starter.

Jocketty met Tuesday morning with Barry Axelrod, the agent for free-agent pitcher Matt Morris, but said later that the spiraling market for starting pitching has taken Morris out of the club's price range.

Morris is believed to be leaning toward accepting a two-year offer from the San Francisco Giants; he is certain to command more than the two-year, $14.25 million deal the Cleveland Indians gave Paul Byrd. The Giants' proposal is for more than $8 million a season, according to a source familiar with talks. "His market has developed beyond what we feel comfortable with, but we haven't closed it out," Jocketty said.[...]

Fearing possible exposure should Morris accept the Giants offer, the Cardinals have yet to decide whether to offer arbitration to the career 101-game winner. Morris earned $6.25 million last season.
The San Francisco Chronicle has some news.
The Giants remain focused on a starting pitcher, but their chances of signing Morris took a hit when A.J. Burnett signed with the Blue Jays, not the Cardinals. Now the Cardinals may try to re-sign Morris, leaving the Giants with fewer options.

Sabean, suggesting he's not involved in negotiations for another pitcher of Morris' quality, said he's willing to wait until Dec. 20, when arbitration-eligible players not tendered contracts become free agents. Sabean has looked into lower-level pitchers but doesn't seem thrilled.
In other baseball news, Sean Casey is saddened by being traded to Pittsburgh of all teams. There is some sort of rivalry between the two teams.
Earlier Tuesday, Casey was hoping the deal would not be made.

"Man, I've been hearing my name all over the place with Boston and Pittsburgh," Casey said. "That stinks. I want to retire with the Cincinnati Reds. I don't want to go anywhere. I love Cincinnati and the fans and the team and the charitable work I do. But, if I have to go — and I hope I don't — Pittsburgh is the best place because that's where I was born and raised."

Williams was surprised by talk of him coming to the Reds.
Mark Warner raised over 2 million last night for his PAC.

For the record, I have not called on Joe Lieberman to switch parties. I may disagree on the war and maybe another issue but I am not for kicking him out of the Democratic Party. The Bull Moose defends Sen. Lieberman and compares him to Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson.
If the Moose was a Democrat, he would be a Scoop Jackson donkey. Scoop was a hero of the young Moose. He represented a tradition that hardly exists in American politics - a domestic liberal who is tough on security.

In the aftermath of the Viet Nam war when many Democrats became blind peacenicks, Scoop upheld the Truman-JFK line of toughness toward the Soviet evil empire. At the same time, he was a labor liberal with a stellar environmental record.

Unfortunately, there are not too many Scoop types in the Democratic Party these days. One is Joe Lieberman, and incredibly some on the loony left would like to run him out of the party. (More ominously, the Lieberman discussion on some left wing web sites quickly descends into anti-Semitism - the hosts of these sites may not be responsible for comments but imagine if this took place on conservative venues).
Joe needs your help in this poll. It is UNSCIENTIFIC but He's down 2:1, give or take.

Who else supports Senator Lieberman? Financially, that is. When you click on contributions from PACs:
Chris PAC (Dodd) $5,000
HillPAC (Clinton) $5,000
Hopefund (Obama) $4,200
Prairie PAC (Durbin) $2,500

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