Monday, November 27, 2006

2007: Charlie Owen enters the picture

Louisville businessman Charlie Owen has now entered the picture but it is not known at this time as to whether or not it is with regards to him being on a ticket or his support of a ticket.
After laying low for months, sources tell me that Owen made a flurry of phone calls over the Thanksgiving weekend, trying to drum up support for his candidacy. Today (Monday, Nov. 27) he's busy trying to find a running mate. He had a meeting with State Treasurer Jonathan Miller today to talk about an Owen-Miller ticket.

And Chandler could be in the middle of trying to help Owen put together a ticket. Remember, Owen was Chandler's running mate in 2003. Chandler may feel some allegiance to a guy who threw thousands of dollars of his own money into a race that was lost.
Additionally, there is this comment from someone wishing to remain anonymous:
If Jonathan Miller did meet with Charlie Owen, it does not indicate he is considering running on an Owen-Miller ticket, or even a Miller-Owen ticket.

Miller and Jack Conway also met to talk about the governor's race, but neither one would consider running as the other's #2. I would guess neither would want the other as his #2 either.

If I were a betting man, I would put my money on Owen supporting Miller for governor, with someone from western or eastern KY as #2 on the ticket.
Hebert also reported that Bruce Lunsford will not be a candidate for governor in 2007.

Ernie Fletcher officially filed for the governor's race with Robbie Rudolph as his Lt. Governor.

I heard from a highly reliable source that Miller-Conway will likely not happen. I still think that that is our best ticket next to Abramson-Luallen. It's a shame too because I would have a VERY HARD time with having to choose between Jonathan Miller and Jack Conway.

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