Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More on 2007

It all comes down to this. I would be more than likely to support any ticket with those people as that is the faction of the state party that I align myself with. I think we will see someone on that ticket from Louisville, probably Mayor Jerry Abramson or even attorney Jack Conway.

There are positives to Abramson in that he has plenty of executive experience under his belt with several terms as Mayor of Louisville (Metro). He helped in getting Slugger Field built and brought plenty of jobs to the Ville.

Jack Conway has positives in that he is a young Democrat and I would wager to say that he is a Lt. Governor on the slate. Jack has a great future within the party. I said that in 2002 and I'll say that again now.

As to former Governor Brereton Jones, Congressman Ben Chandler, State Treasurer Jonathan Miller, and State Auditor Crit Luallen, I think I've said enough. They all have the experience.
So expect the speculation and behind-the-scenes machinations to continue for at least another two weeks as coalitions form and pledges of support are made.

"I think you've got a core group of people in one branch of the party that are going to try to coalesce around a ticket," said Jack Conway, a Louisville attorney and former congressional candidate.

He said he, Chandler, Luallen, Abramson, Jones and state Treasurer Jonathan Miller will likely join forces behind one Democratic slate, perhaps a duo from among them.

"Right now the question is: Does Jones really want to run again? Is he serious about this?" Conway said. "Another question is can Jerry (Abramson), even before he's sworn in for another term as mayor, announce he's running for governor?"

Abramson said that's "certainly an issue to consider."

"The good side of that, if I decide to run, is that as I've gone door-to-door, people have been overwhelmingly supportive of having me consider the governorship," he said.

Abramson said he'll make the decision based on personal and family considerations and not according to who else runs.

"If I'm in the race, it doesn't matter. There's all sorts of names floating around, some who have been there and done that, others who have been there and not done that," he said.

Jones didn't return calls yesterday but said before Tuesday's elections that the Democrats should start "immediately" on 2007.
I would enthusiastically support any of those candidates and I would work my butt off for them next year.

Former Governor Paul Patton and former Lt. Governor candidate Charlie Owen also chimed in with their opinions.
However, fellow Eastern Kentucky Democrat Paul Patton, Kentucky's most recent Democratic governor, said a competitive primary "wouldn't hurt the Democrats a bit."

Democrats shouldn't buy into the idea that a candidate can "manipulate this thing to give yourself a sure shot," he said.

Owen, the Louisville businessman who ran with Chandler in the 2003 governor's race, said many decisions will shake themselves out.

"I want to unite the party," he said. "If they say I'm the best person to do it and to run for governor, then I'll run."
I find it highly unlikely that Charlie Owen will run.

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