Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More on 2007...

Blogging will be light this week.

Anyway, I just caught Pol Watchers. Pretty much, here's the gist of it:
SUNDAY -- State Treasurer Jonathan Miller and Louisville attorney Jack Conway, a former aide to former Gov. Paul Patton and a congressional candidate in 2002, met to discuss their political futures, which appear to be on more of a crash course than a parrallel track. Each decided that he should be at the top of the ticket, Miller and Mark Riddle, one of Conway's advisers said.

MONDAY -- Former Gov. Brereton Jones and state Auditor Crit Luallen sat down with Congressman Ben Chandler to talk over the current state of the Democratic field of potential gubernatorial candidates, which officially is empty right now. Chandler will now take until next week to decide whether he will run for governor again or not.
Today, former Gov. Jones and Jack Conway are meeting again.

If Conway is on the ticket, it needs to be in the #2 slot. The last thing, and this is said with the utmost respect for Jack Conway, that we need is for Conway to become the new Charlie Owen. If Conway were to run in a primary and lose, his political career, for the most part, would be effectively screwed. I, myself, don't want to see that happen. Conway should run as Lt. Governor to Jonathan Miller, assuming Congressman Chandler does not run.

Name recognition will play a key role in the race. Jonathan Miller has won two statewide races, and recieved the most votes of any Democratic candidate for office in 2003. That said, I admire both Miller and Conway. I would hate to have to choose between the both of them in a primary.

Then we find out that Congressman Chandler still has yet to make his decision.

Now, assuming Chandler seeks the mansion again, what does Jonathan do? Run for Congress? Run for Attorney General in a primary against the current Attorney General Greg Stumbo?

What Chandler decides to do will pretty much affect all the races down ticket.

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