Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ben Chandler: A Statesman in my book

It's not just this:
Top Democrats encouraged Chandler to run for governor, he said, but after further consideration he decided it wasn't the best option.

In his view, the office of governor has been cheapened by gubernatorial pardons and cronyism during the last two administrations, Chandler said.

"I wouldn't think it would make it anymore attractive for anybody," Chandler said. "You've had a whole lot of carping down there in Frankfort, partisan bickering in one way or another."
But this:
"And let me make another thing clear: if you violate the trust of the people of Kentucky, do not expect a pardon from Ben Chandler. I pledge right here, right now never to pardon any member of my Administration or my political campaign who is convicted of violating the ethics and corruption laws of our state."
Can we get a similar pledge from all potential candidates in 2007?

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