Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2008: Senator Bill Frist NOT running

Tennessee Senator Bill Frist has decided against a run in 2008 for the presidency.

The Bridge reports on Gov. Brereton Jones' comments on potential gubernatorial candidate Jack Conway.
Governor Jones came away from that meeting (with Conway) with a very favorable impression of Jack Conway. He commented that he was highly impressed by Jack's intelligence, deep understanding of the critical issues the state faces, and his compassion.
Should Attorney General Greg Stumbo run for governor as well, I think State Treasurer Jonathan Miller may want to think about looking at the Attorney General's race so as to not make the gubernatorial primary so divisive.

Both Miller and Conway are rising stars in the party, I don't refute that fact and while I like both of them, I would have a hard time voting for one while voting against the other.

Gotta go, peace out.

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