Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Al Gore on The Tonight Show

Former Vice President Al Gore is on so I'll likely be blogging about important comments.

In the monologue: "It was so cold Al Gore asked me to turn up the heat."

Gore is promoting An Inconvenient Truth. Some notes:
The GQ photo was from a portfolio made for the the Ten Sexiest Men on C-SPAN.
He is in the Rin Tin Tin category
Did play a disembodied head in Futurama.
In slow motion, global warming is not as scary
"Global Warming Gone Wild" - glacier on glacier action, might be called Global Warming Uncensored
Best slide show presentation
Focusing on getting the message out as quickly as possible
He tried to call his former roommate, Tommy Lee Jones, at the Oscars but the guy backstage laughed off the comments
Skeptical it could be made into a movie.
Trying to maximize the number of folks that see it.
A producer told the Science Teachers Association about the DVDs but the corporate board had someone object (Exxon Mobile) to it. Someone made "It Can't be cool without fuel."
The evidence takes a while to sink in because of a financed effort by those wanting to confuse the people.
Other side claims it hurts the economy.
Cleaning up pollution leads to efficient products.
Utility bills lower.
Solar heating - a more serious step
#1 thing is to learn about it
Misses direct influence on policies.
Doesn't miss a lot of things about politics.
He's met good people in both professions.
Influence of money has grown to unhealthy degree.
Has had a wonderful Hollywood experience.
Leno calls politics "show business for ugly people."
Excited that Democrats are back in power.
Old environment chair was a skeptic.
Talking about Arnold getting rid of his hummer (he did an impression of Arnold)
California passed a significant state law to reduce CO2.
330 cities have embraced the Kyoto treaty.
Wal-Mart, General Electric are helping.

No direct comments on running in 2008.

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