Monday, November 27, 2006

Bayh on Draft

The Tribune Star in Terre Haute, IN reports the following with regards to reinstating a draft.
In a statement to the Tribune-Star last week, Ellsworth opposed Rangel’s plan and instead favored increased support for the current all-volunteer forces.

“I do not support re-implementing the draft,” Ellsworth stated. “Congress has a duty to provide our military with resources it needs to protect us, and that includes additional soldiers if necessary. To the extent we need to expand our military, as some have suggested, I believe we can do so without resorting to a draft.”

Sen. Evan Bayh stood on similar ground. His press secretary, Meghan Keck said Bayh “believes we need to do more to help the men and women currently serving in the military, especially those in the Guard and Reserves, who have shouldered so much of the burden in Iraq.” Bayh, she added, has focused on alleviating financial hardships that force some to choose “between supporting their families and serving their country.”

A reinstitution of the draft, as Keck pointed out, is highly unlikely. And indeed, a draft is not the answer to the problem.

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