Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jonathan Miller-Jack Conway 2007?

Mark Hebert reports that Jonathan Miller and Jack Conway are still in talks. This is good news. I have said before that next to Abramson/Luallen ticket, the best one we have is a Miller/Conway ticket. Both have a proven fundraising record and Miller has won in two previous statewide elections while Conway lost in a very close congressional election. I stand to the fact that if the Patton affair never broke, we would have just elected Jack Conway back to Washington for a third term.
put together an alternative ticket. No deal has been struck so Chandler finally decided to jump out of the fray, make his official announcement, and let fellow democrats figure out who's running.

This is what Jack Conway told me Thursday afternoon about his chances of running: He's still weighing his options, one of which involves Jonathan Miller. Conway says he expects to talk to Miller in the next few days about a possible Conway-Miller or Miller-Conway ticket. The problem is figuring out who would run at the top of the ticket. Neither man wants to be No. 2. As Conway accurately assesses it "he's won statewide races but I've been in an $8 million dollar campaign." Conway says there's a good argument for either man heading the ticket and he thinks Kentuckians could get excited about he and Miller running together. Conway says "we're very close on most issues," but he wonders how their personalities might mesh. That's why Conway is hoping he and Miller will get together over the weekend. He wouldn't comment on other potential running mates, saying the situation is still "fluid."

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