Friday, November 17, 2006

Boswell considers gubernatorial run

State Senator David Boswell is considering a run for governor. Sen. Boswell is from western Kentucky and wants someone from western Kentucky on the ticket. However, his plans are dependent on what State Sen. Daniel Mongiardo, MD, and Attorney General Greg Stumbo decide to do.
Boswell, a former Kentucky agricultural commissioner who campaigned unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor in 1987, said his plans are dependent in part upon those of Sen. Daniel Mongiardo, a Hazard Democrat, and Attorney General Greg Stumbo, both of whom are being talked about as potential candidates.
Here's an update on Governor Brereton Jones and current Lt. Governor Steve Pence.
Jones, a Democrat, said he doesn't know when he will make a decision about running for governor.

Pence, who announced this year that he will not run again with Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher, said he hasn't changed his position on possibly running for governor. "I've not ruled anything out. I'm leaving all my options open."

Pence said he has set no deadline to decide what, if any, political office to seek next year. "I'm under no pressure."
New Hampshire Governor John Lynch will not be running for the Senate race in 2008.

Back to Attorney Gen. Greg Stumbo, he would have loved to prosecute Ernie Fletcher. Check out this quote here towards the end of the article:
Stumbo maintained his involvement in the probe was based not on politics, but on evidence a state employee brought to prosecutors. Stumbo said the investigation would not affect his political future, and said he had no plans to run for governor. However, Stumbo has said he'll wait until December to make a final decision.

"I really don't have any plans to run for governor at this time and I never did. This investigation was not about me running for governor," Stumbo said.

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