Monday, April 14, 2008

Boycott the Opening Ceremony

China has a severe human rights problem and that it why I am in agreement that the opening ceremony must be boycotted by the United States of America.
In a statement last week directed at the Bush administration, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs cited China's human rights record as well as its close relations with the regime in Sudan, where hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed by government-allied militias in the Darfur province.

"In the spirit of the Olympics, China's close relationship with Sudanese President Al Bashir puts it in a unique position to help end the genocide in Darfur," JCPA chairwoman Andrea Weinstein said. "However, instead of advocating for peace, the Chinese government has allowed the atrocities in Sudan to continue. By boycotting the opening ceremony of this year's Olympic Games, President Bush would send an unmistakable message that the United States does not and will not countenance genocide."

Jewish groups have led efforts to press Sudan into ending the Darfur genocide.
Speaking of Israeli has been jailed in China for four months with no trial.
An Israeli businessman has been held in a Chinese jail for nearly four months without a trial, his lawyer and family say.

Dato Mansharove, 32, of Or Yehuda, was detained at the end of December by Chinese customs officials as he crossed the border from Hong Kong to the Chinese city of Shenzhen for failing to declare second-hand cell phones in his possession. Mansharove was bringing approximately 450 second-hand cell phones to Shenzhen for repairs.

According to Mansharove's lawyer, David Buxbaum, the Israeli's failure to declare the phones to customs should at most have warranted a fine.

The Israeli government has sent consular agents to meet with Mansharove but has not negotiated for his release.

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