Monday, April 07, 2008

Is Mike Holder crazy?!?

Bill Self will not step down as head coach of Kansas to go to Oklahoma State, a team ALSO in the Big 12. Self would be insane to walk away from a good job.

ESPN reports on the ludicrous activity from Stillwater, Oklahoma.
The Tulsa World reported Monday that Oklahoma State officials are ready to offer Self, who will coach the Jayhawks in Monday night's national championship game against Memphis, a contract potentially worth at least $3.5 million per season.

The World also reported that the university would consider a $6 million signing bonus for Self if he agreed to a $3.5 million-per deal.

A source close to Oklahoma State told ESPN Radio's Doug Gottlieb that the university has not and will not contact Self or his representatives at any point before his season is complete, including postseason exit meetings with his team and staff, before approaching him about the job.[...]

Following Sean Sutton's resignation under pressure April 1 after two seasons as Oklahoma State's coach, Self was asked if we would consider filling the opening.

"I do care deeply about my alma mater," Self said a few days after reaching his first Final Four and first as the Jayhawks' coach. "I spent 11 years of my life at OSU and everything, but nobody there has contacted me from there. If they were to ask me what they should do, I would suggest they move in a different direction."

According to the World's report, Oklahoma State's ace in its wooing of Self could be supporter Boone Pickens, a Texas billionaire who is extremely fond of the coach's track record.
A financial agreement was reached with former coach Sean Sutton.
Oklahoma State will pay Sean Sutton $2.7 million over 10 years as part of a settlement reached between the university and the former basketball coach who resigned under pressure last week.

The details of the agreement were released Monday by the university. Oklahoma State will pay Sutton $300,000 immediately and the remaining $2.4 million during the next 10 years at $20,000 per month, starting July 1. Sutton will receive the money even if he accepts another coaching position.

University spokesman Gary Shutt says all of the settlement money will come from athletic department funds and not from state appropriations.

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