Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's Wednesday, did you forget Sarah Marshall?

We sure didn't and it's hard to forget Sarah Marshall. She reminds me of that girl, Veronica Mars, or even Elle on Heroes. I cannot explain the reasons why but I am having a hard time forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Variety has some, um, interesting comments from producer (and this era's Mel Brooks) Judd Apatow.
"It's an 'R,' and it's committed to its 'R,' " said Universal topper Marc Shmuger.

As for his inclination toward bawdy humor, Apatow said: "Life is an 'R.' Someday, I hope the Oscars are on cable so they can do a montage of penis scenes."

Segel called his film "a romantic comedy that defies expectations" and said his own sensibility fit perfectly with Apatow's.

"I was born without shame," said Segel. "And that's what Judd demands."
Does Nick Stoller feel any pressure with the Apatow Hit Factory?
MM: So now you’re considered a part of that Apatow group. Before you were behind-the-scenes, so not really known, but now every year it’s a new movie from that group. So it’s inevitable that Forgetting Sarah Marshall will be compared to movies like Superbad, Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Do you feel pressure because of that?

Nicholas Stoller (NS): No I don’t, actually. What each of these movies share I think, and obviously I’m biased, but they share a high joke-to-movie ratio. The nature is in there also; they each have a sweetness and heart to them that I think people respond to, but I think they’re actually pretty different, despite that. So I feel like people will judge [the movie] on its own merits… and I’m pretty happy with it.

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