Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Is President Jimmy Carter insane?!?

Longtime readers already know that I'm not a fan. I'd have voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 if I were alive then. Or Ted Kennedy.

But Jimmy Carter wants to meet with a head of a terrorist organization. He's lost any credibility in my book.
Jimmy Carter is planning to meet with the head of Hamas.[...]

Carter's press secretary told FOX News in an e-mail that Carter would visit the Middle East this month. She did not say whether or not he would meet with Meshal.

The United States has designated Hamas as a terrorist organization and the Bush administration has attempted to isolate it diplomatically and through sanctions.
In related news, Richard Falk is being blacklisted following reported that he compared a crackdown to the Holocaust.
Israel is blacklisting a U.N. official who compared its crackdown on the Gaza Strip to the Nazis.

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said this week it will refuse an entry permit to Richard Falk, who will become the new U.N. rapporteur on human rights in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in June, over a fierce critique of Israeli policies he made last year.[...]

Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and imposed sanctions after Hamas, an Islamist group sworn to its destruction, took over the territory and launched hundreds of cross-border rocket salvos.

The Foreign Ministry said it wants Falk to retract his Holocaust comparison and ensure that any report he issues on Israeli-Palestinian human rights violations include censure of the Gazan rocket attacks.
Israel and France hold meetings.

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