Monday, April 14, 2008

More on the Carter...

There's more information being reported on Jimmy Carter's Middle East Tour (or rather, Jimmy Carter promotes anti-American values by meeting with murderous terrorists from Hamas despite being warned by the Department of State not to):
Former President Jimmy Carter said he hoped to help open talks between Hamas and U.S. leaders, saying Washington's policy of not meeting with people it labeled terrorists was counterproductive.
Carter's one-sided views are counterproductive and it is very clear that we don't approve of meeting with terrorists. Didn't he refuse to debate Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz at Brandeis?
Speaking at an event organized by an Israeli financial newspaper, Carter said he wanted to become a "communicator" between Hamas and the U.S.
Who named Carter as ambassador without our knowledge?
"I hope then the Israeli government will deign to meet with me — they have so far refused," he said.
Good for them. Maybe if you looked at your reputation over the years.
Carter brokered Israel's historic peace accord with Egypt in 1979, the first treaty it signed with an Arab country. But he has been unpopular in Israel since publishing a book two years ago drawing comparisons between Israeli policies in the West Bank and Gaza and apartheid in South Africa.

Sderot mayor Eli Moyal said he met with Carter to present Israel's side, even though he said he was "upset" about Carter's scheduled meeting with the Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal.

"I don't think he should meet with killers," Moyal said.
I agree. He shouldn't be meeting with terrorist murderers.
"The most important single foreign policy goal in my life has been to bring peace to Israel, and peace and justice to Israel's neighbors. I have done everything I could in office and since I left office to do that," the paper quoted Carter as saying.
Maybe, maybe not. It's very clear that all Jimmy Carter cares about his Jimmy Carter and the Jimmy Carter we know now hates America and the values we stand for.

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