Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Judd and Seth in the news

Finally, someone else thinks as I do: Walk Hard was terrific!
The harder they walk, the flatter they fall. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story stumbled into box-office disaster during the holidays, generating a pathetic $18.3 million in North America. Sony/Columbia is now mounting a marketing campaign to rescue the film on DVD. Funny thing is, Jake Kasdan's crazy flick is actually worth the effect. It is often hilarious. Cruel, rude, profane and occasionally idiotic? Yes. But clever and funny. Plus, the music kicks major butt.

With John C. Reilly as the swaggering singing star, Walk Hard is a mockumentary that satirizes the rough life and tortured times of Johnny Cash. There are side trips into music genres as varied as acid rock and variety slop from '60s TV. Reilly, who beautifully sang Cellophane Man in Chicago, dramatically expands his repertoire here and adds flair.

Walk Hard debuted on DVD last week in two versions, both widescreen only. One is the single-disc, widescreen edition with modest extras. The other is a terrific, two-disc, unrated edition that comes fully loaded with extras, including eight new full-song performances. Most importantly, there is an extended cut, in addition to the original 96-minute theatrical release.
Check out this interview with Jason Segel.

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