Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Travis Ford will not budge for LSU

Former Kentucky Wildcat Travis Ford has made it clear that he will not jump to Louisiana State.
Massachusetts coach Travis Ford doesn't want to be considered for the coaching job vacancy at LSU.

"I would like to make clear that I do not want to be considered for the head job at LSU," Ford said in a statement released Tuesday night by UMass.

"There has been a lot of misinformation circulating about me and the job at LSU. I feel that it is necessary to state that I do not want to be considered for the job."
On a related note, Tony Bennett won't be singing in the bayou any time soon.
Tony Bennett will remain the basketball coach at Washington State University.

Bennett is the only coach to take the Cougars to two consecutive NCAA tournament appearances, and he has become a hot commodity among schools looking for coaches.
Contrary to reports, Kevin Love and Darren Collison of UCLA have yet to make their decision on whether they will go pro or not.

Kansas Jayhawk coach Bill Self has made his intentions clear on the Oklahoma State matter.
As he has for a week, Self said he plans to meet with Kansas officials soon about a contract extension.

"What I'd like to have is like everybody'd like to have," Self said. "I'd like to have some security. I don't know what even Kansas would remotely be talking [about]. We haven't even talked about that. When I say security, I mean years, so hopefully that'll happen."

Citing factors such as Kansas' rich hoops tradition, Self said, "I'm not looking for more than what Kansas provides on a daily basis."

The school gave Self a five-year contract extension last season, increasing his annual compensation to more than $1.3 million with a chance to make another $350,000 each year if he meets incentives.

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