Monday, April 28, 2008

A Letter from former Gov. John Y. Brown, Jr.

The following was penned by former Kentucky Governor John Y. Brown, Jr. after the recent negative attacks by Greg Fischer. He sent this to the media..

April 26, 2008

Dear Editor,

It was extremely painful to watch the campaign ad tonight by U.S. Senate candidate Greg Fischer in his first political race. It was nothing more than a character assassination of Bruce Lunsford that gives an untruthful and misleading impression of Lunsford's career and integrity. While it could be viewed as an effective political ad presented by an actress--it is based on false perceptions, therefore I regretfully feel it is necessary to respond.

A man's reputation is the most important thing he earns. Bruce Lunsford has had a very active, successful, and productive career in public service, as well as business. It is just not right that politics tolerates this type of slander and encourages the opposition to tear the opponent down regardless of the truth. It doesn't belong in our politics, much less a Democratic primary when it is so critical to nominate our most qualified candidate.

Greg’s father, George Fischer, was my Secretary of the Cabinet during my term as Governor and has been a life-long friend of mine, while Bruce Lunsford started his career in public service as my Secretary of Commerce. Both men have had extraordinary careers in public service as well as business and are outstanding Kentuckians. Let our new aspiring candidates build on this success—not tear it down.

I hope Greg discontinues this type of campaign and gives the public a chance to know him for what he offers. Perhaps some day he will earn the right to serve. Win with honor or don’t offer yourself to public service. Greg, Bruce, and the state of Kentucky deserve better.

John Y. Brown, Jr.

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