Thursday, March 02, 2006

Backed Up Inbox

Now to blog everything I wanted to blog about yesterday and today but couldn't do to the network connection but that will wait til after dinner!

Comedian Dane Cook now has a deal with HBO.
Cook has signed a wide-ranging deal with HBO that will find him starring in a stand-up concert film and a documentary series and developing a scripted show for the network. The stand-up film is up first, with filming scheduled for April 15 in Boston.

"This is a dream come true. HBO is the highest echelon in the world for a stand-up comedian to attain," Cook says. "Throughout my career I've trusted my instincts to lead me down the right path, and I am honored to work together with this network while contributing to the legacy that is HBO."
New Hampshire is going to be a hot spot for quite some time.

While Kentucky has the Ford Dinner this weekend, South Dakota has a McGovern Day in honor of Sen. George McGovern, one of the nicest people that you could ever meet.

You can find the roster for the USA Baseball team here for the 2006 World Baseball Classic.

In a surprising move, a former president of Iran is speaking out against the current president:
Mohammed Khatami called the Holocaust a "massacre of innocent people, among them many Jews," the BBC reported. Khatami, who is seen as a relative moderate, also said the Holocaust occurred, "even if this has been misused and there is enormous pressure on the Palestinian people." He added: "We should speak out if even a single Jew is killed."
Ari Melber says that "Lieberman Democrats" have no place in an opposition party. That is true. Most Democrats that agree with Joe would never join the GOP.

Jon Stewart will strike gold.

A senate panel has approved a veterans' benefit bill.
The measure was approved by the Senate Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection Committee. The bill has been passed by the House.

"It gives them an opportunity to show their skills and show that they would be a good employee," said Rep. Mike Weaver, D-Elizabethtown, the bill's lead sponsor and a retired Army colonel.
So this video came up in my Google alerts. I just got around to it just now. I'd link to it but I already did that.

It's about time I can update the other blog!

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