Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Our Time is Now!

Well, I was in Frankfort for most of the day for the higher education rally. There were great speeches by Jonathan Miller, Trey Grayson, the Board of Student Body Presidents, etc. I'd estimate that there were 200-300 people there. Ican't help but think that Jonathan Miller will be a Governor or Senator one day.

I'm gonna make this a quick one since I need to catch up on my sleep.

Has it come to this?
Did you miss last night's episode of The Daily Show, in which Jon Stewart critiqued his own performance as the host of the Oscars? Don't worry, it's available on iTunes right now.

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are just the latest TV shows to hit the iTunes Music Store; episodes will be on sale the day after they air. And the agreement announced Wednesday between iTunes and Comedy Central contains an innovative twist.
Well, I did miss last night's show as a matter of fact. If nothing is on at 8 PM today, then I'll watch then. Otherwise, I may have to wait...

The Anglican Church has voted against divestment from Israel.
The Anglican Church’s financial advisers recommended against divesting from Caterpillar because it does business with Israel.

The Ethical Investment Advisory Group voted unanimously Tuesday against divestment, saying it "could find no compelling evidence that Caterpillar is or has been complicit in human rights abuses." The vote contravenes a Feb. 6 vote by the church’s General Synod.
One thing I will never understand is why this commonwealth cannot get its act together. Expanded gaming means more revenues for the commonwealth which will lead to decreased tuition costs. Gambling pays. Stop sending our money to Indiana.

Natalie Portman was spotted at Columbia University. The general concensus is that she is a much better rapper than I will ever be.

Evan Bayh spoke to members of AIPAC.

Whatever happened to Gilbert Gottfried?

Kanye West will hit up Redbird Arena in Bloomington, IL.

James Webb is running for the Senate in Virginia as a Democrat.

Bayh says that educational trips should be exempt from lobbying reforms. I agree with him on that.

The AV Club talks with Jon Favreau.

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