Monday, March 13, 2006

My alma mater lost

Ballard took a lead into the half before losing by two points to Jeffersontown.

UK takes on UAB this Friday and what's more is that it is a repeat from 2004. A true story - when I went to college at BU in the middle of Illinois, no one, and I mean know one, on my floor knew why I was screaming at my TV. How sad is that? At least in this state, you know why people scream at their tv during games. In my defense, I was not screaming during the famous Steve Bartman catch...

Evan Bayh will be spotted in Michigan soon.
Democratic presidential hopeful Evan Bayh will be the keynote speaker April 8 when Michigan Democrats gather at Cobo Center in Detroit for their annual Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner.
Bayh is went down to Georgia.

Sen. Feingold is leading a censure of the president. I expect that there will be some sort of political fallout from this.

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