Friday, March 10, 2006

Long Day

I really wish that I had TIVO...four people fighting over one TV, not that fun!

The Arctic Monkeys are working on a new EP now that they are coming to the states.

Sen. Barack Obama will be on Face the Nation this Sunday. Don't expect me up early enough to watch it...

Natalie Portman says that some fans will be surprised in her movie, V for Vendetta. She surprised a lot of fans this past Saturday when she appeared in a digital short where she rapped.

David Lattin is now aware of the impact of a game played 40 years ago.

Here's an article on Sex and the Second City.

If they're losing at halftime, buy a beer.
Then there were Mitch Mobley and Mike Vance.

They grew up together in Elizabethtown, Ky., and have been best friends since seventh grade. They were college roommates at Kentucky and appeared to be getting along yesterday as they sat in Bailey's Pub & Grill on Broadway.

That's because Mobley is a patient man.

Only an hour before, they were inside the GEC sitting in great seats, 25 rows up from the floor, but Kentucky was losing with three minutes remaining in the first half. Vance, who had bought the tickets, started to get nervous.

"I told (Mobley), 'We're leaving at halftime if Kentucky is losing,''' Vance said. "Kentucky does better when I'm at a bar drinking."

Mobley thought he was kidding. After all, Vance had been trying to get his buddy to the SEC Men's Basketball Tournament for 13 years.

But this was no joke. Vance headed to the exit. Mobley, shaking his head, followed his buddy to Bailey's.

Kentucky won, 71-57.

"I feel responsible," Vance said.
Israel will impose borders by 2010.

TV Guide speaks with Seth Meyers of SNL. He's a proud Democrat! Flashing back a few years, I have to ask: Was it a gut-punch when John Kerry didn't win the presidential election? Did people not realize that a vote for Bush was a vote against your airtime?
Meyers: It was really rough for me. I'm just happy that we took my home state of New Hampshire, which often goes [Republican]. My fellow New Hampshirites came through.[...] When you land a "hit" with something like "The Needlers," are you like, "Cool, at least I'll have a sketch every other week"? I love those two.
Meyers: There's a writer named Liz Cackowski whom I've known for a long time, and she and I from the beginning enjoyed that idea. We feel like we know couples like that. I like "The Needlers" [sketches] because there are a lot of jokes in them, and that keeps it fresh. You have to come up with 10 unique ways to put down someone you're married to. [Laughs] It's one of the pieces that gets better as the week goes on, too, because you keep coming up with better than what you have.[...] That was my next question, about the hosts. Is it SNL nirvana when you get someone so obviously gung-ho for anything, like Natalie Portman?
Meyers: She brought an incredible energy, and from the early looks of Matt Dillon, it's going to be much the same. He seemed to have a lot of energy in the meeting, and that makes all the difference in the world. People need to understand that part of the show is making a fool of yourself. It's really hard to look cool and also be funny. Natalie's expletive-filled rap video was so fun on so many levels. Part of me suspects that a part of her really wants to be that way.
Meyers: You heard it here first: She's actually like she is in the rap video all the time. Oh, don't tell me that. We love Princess Amidala.
Meyers: It's true. SNL's digital shorts, beginning with "Lazy Sunday," have gotten the show a ton of fresh buzz this season.
Meyers: It's awesome. For a show that's been around for so long, it's exciting to be doing something superfresh and superyoung.[...] Let's finish up talking about the films you have in queue. First, American Dreamz.
Meyers: That's coming out in, like, late April. I'm really excited to see it myself. It's a satire about the president and American Idol and terrorism. I don't think a lot of people are trying to do movies about that, so I'm pretty excited about it. Yes, too many movies overlook the obvious ties between the president, American Idol and terrorism.
Meyers: It takes a long time to make a movie, so you have to find something that's going to be consistent for a two-year cycle, and the things that are most consistent these days are our president, American Idol and the threat of terrorism. [Laughs] And Key Party — you're writing that one?
Meyers: Yeah, I'm writing that right now. We wrote a sketch called "Key Party" [for SNL] with Colin Farrell, and that just struck me as a really funny idea, that whole world of people who swing.
Haven't we heard this before?
Could comedian Jon Stewart, anchor of a satirical cable news show, make the switch to a major network and replace CBS's veteran 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney?

Dan Rather, asked about the hypothetical scenario at a Harvard University forum on Thursday, said he thinks so.

"Satire is particularly valuable in a country like ours," Rather said in response to a question from moderator Alex S. Jones, director of the John F. Kennedy School of Government's Shorenstein Center for the Press, Politics and Public Policy.

"One can imagine a national news editor saying, 'We are losing money during this time period'" and bringing in Stewart to boost demographics, said Rather, adding that he had no knowledge of actual discussions to lure Stewart away from Comedy Central.
Gen. Wes Clark is coming to the Dakotas.

Claire McCaskill has officially filed to become a candidate for Senate in the state of Missouri.

Read this article about Matisyahu from The Forward.
recording circulating on the Internet of the singer chanting "Yechi" mid-song has further complicated Matisyahu's reception within the Jewish community. The chant — which translates to "Long live our master, teacher and rebbe, King Messiah, forever and ever" — is used by a fringe group of Lubavitch Jews who believe that their long-dead leader, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, either never died or will be resurrected and will reveal himself as the messiah.

Among the Orthodox Jews who propelled him to success during his initial move, some disillusionment has started to set in. A number of Orthodox bloggers have been asking the classic question, "Is this good for the Jews?" and in typical response to prominent Orthodox Jews, more and more are responding in the negative. Blogger Life of Rubin responded to the track by writing: "I have only one word to describe this new Matisyahu development. Uch." Nevertheless, in an indication of how little even the disappointed Orthodox might choose to care, the next day the blogger posted a reminder to catch several upcoming television appearances for the singer.
By the way, check out this article from the NY Times. I support University of Kentucky Wildcats Head Coach Tubby Smith all the way.

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