Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Walk the Line...

I will have my SNL review up this Thursday. Yesterday had me busy watching The Mighty Ducks trilogy and today saw me watching Walk the Line. I wanted to watch Cool Runnings thanks to the winter games this year but I had to settle with the Ducks...

TV Squad has their review of Natalie Portman and Fall Out Boy.

Tom Daschle came to campaign for Bill Ritter in Colorado.

Props to Rep. Mike Weaver for the bill to prevent funeral protests.
The House and Senate passed versions of the legislation on Feb. 6. Since then, each proposal has been awaiting committee action in the other chamber.

"We hope that with this change, this issue will not get lost in partisanship battles that have affected otherwise good legislation in the past," said Rep. Mike Weaver, a retired Army colonel and lead sponsor of the House bill.

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