Monday, March 20, 2006

Bradley Braves get a great welcome back

Bradley returned to Peoria to a large crowd welcoming them back.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich says the use of the word Braves as a nickname is ok.
Blagojevich called the win exciting and said Peorians take their basketball very seriously, referring to the central Illinois city where Bradley is located as "a little piece of Indiana."

He also addressed NCAA opposition to the use of Indian team names and mascots.

Blagojevich said – quote – "they ought to lighten up."
As you can imagine, I am still on cloud nine following that game. Jim Les was on ESPN's Cold Pizza this morning which reruns at 2 PM. I imagine that he will be on several of the sports shows for the next few days to come.

Even though the Cats lost, Patrick Sparks went out with a season high.

V for Vendetta topped the box office and made an estimated $26.1 million in earnings.

Will current State Treasurer Jonathan Miller be making a run for Attorney General? That's how things are looking right now.
As seemingly every former or current Democratic official mulls over a run for statewide office in 2007, one who is already setting his sights on a promotion is Treasurer Jonathan Miller.

Miller, who is finishing his second term as the state's figurehead money-keeper, must run for something else because he's term-limited.

He said last week that he's told Attorney General Greg Stumbo he'd be interested in campaigning for that position should Stumbo make a run for the governor's office.
Stumbo has said he is "considering" making a bid to challenge Fletcher in '07.

Other than that, Miller said, he's also taking a look at the governor's race -- possibly as a candidate or running mate.

Some jockeying among Democrats for the governor's race should begin shortly after the General Assembly goes home in early April, he said.

"People in our party really need to get started this spring," Miller said. "We're at a natural disadvantage in fund-raising. Even with an unpopular incumbent ... he still has power to rein in a lot of money."
We shall see.

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