Friday, March 03, 2006

Stumbo wants appointees removed

I'm still coping with my new-found fame. Make sure to catch Lachlan McLean's show on 84 WHAS. I'm being interviewed due to a little known video called "Lazy Tuesday."

Anyway, Attorney General Stumbo wants two political donors removed from the Fletcher appeal.

ABC News has a story on Jon Stewart as he hosts the Oscars on Sunday. You know the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game? I can do it with regards to Jon Stewart in less degrees!

The ADL resigned from a hate-crimes panel.

An email from Dr. Mongiardo to supporters states the following:
"There was overwhelming support for this House bill in the Senate. Kentuckians want the Ten Commandments to be a visible part of our daily lives. These are the words we live by," Mongiardo said.

Mongiardo said despite previous successful court challenges to Ten Commandment displays, he thinks this bill will be judged constitutional in the federal courts. "It requires that the Ten Commandments be part of a historical display, and I think that will be the difference," Mongiardo said.
Reminder: The Ten Commandments also states: "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

An Ohio student writes that "'New' journalism could learn from old guard."

Mo Rocca hits up the Northwestern campus. When I spent a summer at NU, they had to close the beach due to E.coli.

The ACLU has sued the Indiana scholarship program.
The suit brings rare criticism to a program that has helped 25,000 students attend college since it was proposed by then-Gov. Evan Bayh in 1990. He has been touting the program's success as he considers running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.

Megan Keck, a spokeswoman for Bayh, said Thursday night she could not comment on the lawsuit because she had not seen it. She said Bayh was not available for comment.
A reviewer from Northern Iowa did not like Glory Road.

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