Monday, March 20, 2006

Non-NCAA Thread

The NCAA Tournament pretty much shuts down the blog since I am watching as much of the games as I can. I'm still on cloud nine after that Braves victory--which explains why I may be out of it for a while.

Folk rock musician Neil Young gave the keynote at the SXSW.
"I really don't know where anything comes from," Young said. "I really write just, really, out of the air. I just hope that things hit me in a way that I can remember, and the images come together in a cartain way that makes it so that something jars me."
In political news, Ernie Fletcher cannot name another special justice.

In skating news, the World Championships start on Wednesday in Calgary, Canada.

Politicians are courting the left-wing.

Congressman Ben Chandler wants mines shut down if they have bad history.

"Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming, we're finally on our own." Those are words from the CSNY song, "Ohio," penned by Neil Young. Will Neil Young be writing a song dealing with what's going on in Iraq?
After recalling how Youngs "Ohio" helped changed public attitudes towards the Vietnam War in 1970, South By Southwest co-founder Roland Swenson looked backstage and said "Mr.Young, if you can hear me back there, we need another song," a reference to the current U.S. military action in Iraq. In response, Young told the audience, "I write totally out of the air. I really am, more than anything, a reflection of what I see. (Swenson) was trying to give me some input a few minutes ago. I hope it takes hold."
What about another reunion of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young?
The singer/guitarist did not comment on rumors of a tour this summer with David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash. But he also revealed that he turned down an offer to tour on his own this year, saying, "I just turned down a promoter. We were going to go out on the road and they wanted to say it was Neil Young's Greatest Hits. That was it. They were done."
Ben Nelson has set up his 2006 campaign site.

Now for the Kosher Top Ten.
Top Ten Ways Shidduch Dating and the NCAA Tournament are Similar:
10. Someone always is walking around with a sheet of their picks in their pocket
9. Most of your friends are betting you don't make it to the third round
8. Your historical record does not dictate your future
7. In both, if you make the right selections, you could end up being very wealthy
6. Good or bad, "madness" is a term often associated with both
5. The best always need to go through some bad seeds to ultimately meet their match
4. After college you are suddenly considered too old to play
3. Someone usually gets upset
2. Getting rejected is just part of the game
1. The objective is to score a hoop
Jon Stewart has helped his Daily Show by hosting the Oscars.

Justices will rule on the merit case.

Senator John McCain has hired a former Bush political director.

Sarah Elliott led the Kentucky Lady Cats to a 69-59 victory on Saturday.

Former Senator John Edwards speaks out against the New Orleans recovery efforts.

How is it that UK and UConn never played each other before?
"That's what it's about," Kentucky coach Tubby Smith said outside the Wildcats' locker room Saturday. "It's the NCAA Tournament, either win or go home. So that brings even more importance to this game. ... Certainly nobody's probably done more to raise the level of excellence at UConn than Jim Calhoun and he certainly needs to be praised for that and commended for that. I know coming in, this game is going to have a lot of hype around it because it is two excellent programs. I'm just happy to be a part of it and looking forward to the challenge."[...]

Though understandable, it's a shame that Smith and Calhoun haven't been able to pull off a meeting between the teams during the regular season.

"We were talking about that and I said, `Well, because you won't come to my place first,'" Calhoun joked outside the UConn locker room. "And he said, `No, because you won't come to my place first.' I said, `What do you mean? Connecticut is a much prettier place than Kentucky.'"[...]

"When you think about Kentucky, you know about the seven championships, the long history, the great NBA players and all that. If you're a kid and you play basketball, you kind of grow up wanting to play at Kentucky," Wildcats guard Rajon Rondo said. "I think UConn is like that just as much now. Kids grow up wanting to go to UConn. They've got a Hall of Fame coach and a lot of players in the NBA, too."
The latest Bayh watch.

Al Cross pens another brilliant article. This one on Ben Chandler and the 2007 Governor's race.

David Hawpe talks about the KY-3 race.

Joe Lieberman takes issue with his challenger's negative campaigning.

NH State Rep. Peter Sullivan has expressed his support of the Feingold censure of President Bush. Here's an excerpt from his statement:
"America is a nation where the rule of law is sacred. Unfortunately, the President has chosen to circumvent the law and to attempt to bypass congressional scrutiny. Such actions are reprehensible and deserve stern condemnation. Senator Feingold's resolution provides that condemnation," said Sullivan.

"Contrary to the assertions of the White House, this is not about national security. Of course the United States should conduct wiretaps against suspected terrorists. The problem is that the Administration has chosen to pursue a path that attempts to place its own whims above the reasonable, established law set fort in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. That sets a dangerous precedent that no American should accept."

"It is increasingly apparent that the President violated the law. It is time for Congress to show courage and principles and hold the President accountable for his actions."

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