Thursday, March 02, 2006

Laying low...

I'm gonna take it easy the next couple of days. You can't keep me from blogging but you can keep me from making a crappy rap video that I should NEVER admit to making.

Montecore the Tiger blogs about it. Montecore, you left off baseball from your list. I'm no rapper, I'm a comedian.

Democrat from Kentucky blogs about it as well.
Perhaps the biggest taste he's getting is viral marketing. In politics, something like this is golden. It will drive his traffic though, certainly for a while.
Thanks Stithmeister! You are right that this will increase traffic for quite some time. I ahve 975 hits today at the time of posting this.

Keith even comments over at Sports Talk. I'm blogrolling all these sites as soon as I earthly can.

Now a question I have to start asking myself is: Do I even want to touch Cardinal Basketball?

It's an internet phenomenon, there is no doubt about it. I just hope that these people threatening me are only joking!

In the meantime, I am being careful with certain accounts...cough facebook cough.

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