Thursday, March 09, 2006

Second City feedback

This feedback comes from a guy that finished the Conservatory and is a friend of mine. He was a level behind Bill Hader.
Yes I did Daniel,

First kudos for getting an idea and finshing it. Many people say "I have a great idea for a short film and then do nothing but continue to eat pringles and watch Invader Zim (If you have not seen this show then grab some Pringles ASAP and get over to Comedy Central)

That being said, you can now see how hard it is to make a short. The Movie Monster Insurance short you saw on my blog a few weeks ago had a full film crew, sound and make up (The guy who does make up for CSI thats why Frankenstien looked so good.) It took two days to film and a year to edit and make sound and music for. And then people look at it and say "Wow, I can do that! My Mom has a great Camera!"

And as for a rap video on top of that! Rap is not easy. The Lonely Island Guys ( are the only reason that SNL is ding so many rap sketches and they are brillant. I would suggest a book called "Musical Improv: Creating songs in the moment by Michael Pollock. And the "Hip-Hop Rhyming Dictionary" by Kevin Mitchell.

Keep making movies. Work on sound. Start with easy ideas.

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